Warm Now? Not For Long! Start Planning Your Gas Fire For Winter 2019

Warm Now? Not For Long! Start Planning Your Gas Fire For Winter 2019

Boy does time fly! Summer is already half way through and before we know it, Autumn will be upon us. Now is the time to start planning for how you will heat your home this coming winter.

Despite the fact that New Zealand is rather tropical, the winters here can really start to get cold, with lows going into the negatives even in Auckland. Though not as cold as some countries, it is still no joke, and you need to make sure your home is warm so you stay healthy and happy with coming winter.


Gas fires are an excellent option for heating your home. They provide a range of benefits including:

  • Energy Savings – A gas fireplace can save 25% or more on your energy bill.
  • Constant Heat – Gas fireplaces have a constant supply of heat which can be adjusted according to your needs, unlike a log fireplace
  • Environmentally Friendly – No fumes or particles are being released into the air
  • Easy Installation – Gas fires are easy to install and can be retrofitted almost anywhere.
  • Ease Of Use – With the push of a button, you have a heating fire. No need to chop logs and keep feeding it.
  • Very Little Maintenance – Gas fires require very little maintenance, no issues with ash or soot build up. A once a year check up is all you need.

These are just some of the benefits of using a gas fire to heat your home. So now you’ve decided you’d like to get one, what are your options?

There are several types of gas fires you could go with depending on your requirements and which gas you have available. Gas fires come with options for LPG and Natural Gas, so this will depend on whether you have a natural gas connection or not.

The other option you have to choose is free standing gas fire or inwall gas fire, and this will depend on various factors within your home such as your budget, the structure of your home and so on.

Our online range includes both inwall and free standing fires from brands including Escea, Greengas, Jetmaster, Gazco and more.

If you have decided you would like a gas fire, or would like to look through possible options, have a look at our gas fires range on our website or talk to our team today!