The New Escea DS Heat Flow Adjuster

The New Escea DS Heat Flow Adjuster

Escea has released a new heat flow adjust kit for their Escea DS series fireplaces.


What is the DS Heat Flow Adjuster kit?

The DS Series fireplaces are designed to be easily converted into a double sided configuration. When in this configuration, it may be required to control the split of heating of air between one and and the other, such as if the fireplace heats a bedroom and a living space.

In order to achieve this, Escea has released the DS Heat Flow Adjuster. The kit contains metalwork which replaces the original glass container of the DS Series fire.


The Heat Flow Adjuster kit is inserted into the side of the fire which has the lowest requirements for heating, by swapping out the current top glass retainer. It introduces a discreet sliding cutout mechanism that allows the volume of heated air on that side of the fire to be reduced by up to (approximately) 75%.
As the volume of air is reduced with the sliders, air on the other side of the fire will increase in relation.

Escea_DS_Heat_Flow_Adjuster_kit_2Important notes:

  • The DS series fire must be a double sided fire.  This is not to be used on a single sided DS under any circumstances.
  • Only one adjuster may be fitted to the fire.
  • Insert on the side of the DS series fire requiring the lowest amount of heating.
  • The adjuster is designed to be set and forget, it is not intended for continuous adjustment by the customer.

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