Having an issue with your gas fire? Something not working as it should? Gas fires, like all other things, are subject to faults and failure from time to time. Though generally very reliable systems, problems can occasionally arise, and it is important to quickly and properly solve these issues due to the nature of the appliance.

It should first be said that issues with gas can be very serious and potentially life threatening. If you smell gas or notice a gas leak, you should immediately give us a call. The last thing you want on your hands is an explosion or a fire.Gas_fire_repairs

However, there is no need to fair gas system as this is an extremely rare occurrence and steps are taken upon installation to ensure that this does not happen. But with a gas fire, you may experience smaller issues like failure to ignite, no gas supply or some other issue. These are not life threatening and there is no need to panic. We can help you solve these and get your gas fire up and running again in no time.

Most common issues with gas fires

  • Pilot Light Failure – The pilot light is the ignition source for your gas fire. If your fireplace doesn’t want to turn on, it may be due to┬áthe pilot flame having been blowing out. The can obviously cause your gas fire to not work.
  • Thermocouple – A small metal rod that intersects the gas valve and the burning pilot flame, it acts as a temperature sensor and generates electricity to ignite the gas when needed. This can fail and cause non ignition, but often times they just require an adjustment in position or to be screwed in securely.
  • Thermopile – Similar to the thermocouple, the thermopile is a sensor that generates voltage and can be used in place of the thermocouple in newer gas appliance models. Often loose or inadeuate wiring is the issue when these units do not work as they should.
  • Excess Soot Buildup – This happens for two primary reasons:
    1. Badly positioned logs, which can mean an even burn is impossible or some fuel will go unburnered, creating soot.
    2. Clogged burner ports which cause the same effect as the badly positioned logs, and resulting in soot buildup.

We at Gas Fires specialise in all repairs of gas appliances, be it fires or heaters. If you are having an issue with your gas appliance, contact us today.