Gas fires, like any appliance does require maintenance to keep it in tip top shape. Dirt and dust can build up causing blockages in the ports and wire connections can become loose or dirty. Proper cleaning is also necessary to ensure efficient burning at all times. Gaskets can also wear and if not kept ontop of, can let poisonous gases into your home.

gas_fire_maintenanceThe positive side is that because gas fireplaces burn clean and are very easy to take care of. But because of this, some people assume that this means it doesn’t need cleaning at all. While it is true that gas fireplaces are efficient and low maintenance, it’s well known that all appliances can fail if not maintained. This includes gas fires. Regular cleaning of the fireplace and the chimney is essential at minimum to keep your fire going.

The following are things which should be checked regularly to ensure your fireplace is clean and functioning efficiently. Debris tends to build up in the vents, in the flue and inside the chimney. This needs to be removed regularly, as it will restrict airflow and can smell bad. The debris can include:

  • Deteriorating wood logs – Ceramic and faux log inserts will deteriorate with use over time, and can cling to the sides of the insert and get trapped.
  • Dirty glass doors or frame – Chipped or scratched glass  can meddle with the heat output of your fireplace. If this is the case, you would be advised to get it cleaned or replaced.
  • Residue – The inside and outside of a gas fireplace needs to be cleaned regularly. It is very important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use approved products for cleaning. We can help you with cleaning services.

There are also some things you can do yourself on a more regular basis to ensure your fireplace is up to standard.

However, there are several things that you can do yourself.

  • Regular cleaning of the glass door with a glass cleaner will prevent the glass from becoming cloudy. If left uncleaned for a long period of time, this cloudy effect may become permanent, preventing you from enjoying the full effect of your fire. We recommend you clean the glass once a month.
  • While you’ve got the glass door opened, visually check inside your fireplace to see if there is any dust, dirt, or spider-web buildup. If you find something, gently clean the buildup away.
  • Make sure the glass door is fit securely. This is done by checking all of the bolts that hold the door in place and making sure that they are screwed in tightly. Tighten any loose bolts and replace any that may be broken or damaged. This will help to prevent carbon monoxide from coming into your home while your fireplace is working.
  • Check if the gasket is cracked, deteriorated or is missing pieces. The gasket will be located either on the glass door or on the outside around the firebox. Check your owner’s manual for the exact location if you can’t find it. If the gasket is damaged in any way, it will need to be replaced immediately. Give us a call to get it replaced.
  • If your gas fireplace is vented, check the unit’s outside vent. Look out for any debris like leaves or nests in or around the vent. If you find something, carefully remove it to be sure that your fireplace runs smoothly. If the vent is damaged it will need to be repaired or replaced. We can also help you with this