Rinnai Super Ray Installation

Rinnai Super Ray Installation

The Rinnai Super Ray is an excellent choice if you need to heat an area and visuals are not a main concern, as with a gas or wood fire. The Super Ray is an extremely efficient method of heating a wide area such as a cafe or restaurant, and even outdoor areas with the outdoor version!

This installation in a Cafe/Coffee Shop utilises the Super Ray’s efficiency to keep customers warm in the colder months, particularly in winter. The installation included two units installed at opposing ends to concentrate the warmth in the middle, the area where customers would be sitting. This will ensure that the head is spread evenly across the whole shop and will be sufficient to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Rinnai_super_ray_installation_2 Rinnai_super_ray_installation

When would a Rinnai Super Ray be suitable for you? The Super Ray is suitable for both commercial and residential spaces, indoor and outdoor, depending on the model. The Indoor Super Ray are perfect for semi-industrial spaces such as cafes, schools, churches, and factories where heating is a priority. It is not recommended to use it in areas near the sea or where there are strong winds. They are available in LPG and Natural Gas configurations.

If you are considering a Rinnai Super Ray for your property, talk to us today!