Rinnai Neo Gas Fire Now Available in NZ

Rinnai Neo Gas Fire Now Available in NZ

As of writing, the Rinnai Neo gas fire range is now available for sale and installation in New Zealand. We’ve got the word from the Rinnai team, saying the good news comes after the re-certification testing of their Neo models.

While the Natural Gas units have been on the market since October 8 this year, the LPG models have only been made available for sale and installation now. That goes for all Neo models. So if you have any outstanding orders for a Neo gas fire unit, you’ll soon be able to get your hands on it.


About the Range

Rinnai Neo boasts good looks and energy efficiency. The Neo Inbuilt was the first ever natural draft gas fire with a greater than 4-star energy rating in New Zealand. It offers a choice of designer framing options that suit modern living spaces. You also have a choice of flame profile (e.g. drift logset), which will vary depending on the flue length and gas type.

However, since many homes had an existing hearth and mantel piece and some Kiwis have a preference for traditional interiors, Rinnai decided to replace Inbuilt with the Neo Premium Classic. The latter is also an inbuilt unit but designed to fit perfectly with villa renovations, art deco restorations and classic homes.

Whereas the Neo Inbuilt had a heat output of up to 6.94kW, the Premium Classic model has an impressive 7.0kW with the same 4.1 energy rating.

That high star rating means you can enjoy a heated home without burning a hole in your pocket. Neo’s advanced technology and design requires less energy, hence the lower running costs. It can heat areas up to 93m2 using LPG or up to 107m2 if using natural gas. The appliance uses 50W power on high setting, and less than 3W on standby.

In addition to inbuilt units, the Neo range includes freestanding gas fires: Console and Plinth. Both models feature a glass dress guard to ensure safety goes well with aesthetics.

Neo gas fire units feature a continuous spark electronic ignition, dual timers and a simple remote control. Most notably, the range has a number of safety features including a child lock, an overheat switch and a flame failure sensing system.


Rinnai Neo units can be easily retrofitted into existing homes or during a major renovation. Nevertheless, it’s a job for the professionals as there are clearances and checks required to ensure safe operation. For instance, the company recommends the use of a Rinnai flexiliner flue system for installing gas fire units to ensure soundness and a good draw.

If you’re thinking about a new gas fire, this range is certainly one to consider. For more information about Rinnai or other gas fire options, talk to our experts on 0508 347375.