Installation Of An Escea DX1000

Installation Of An Escea DX1000

Recently we got to install an Escea DX1000, an excellent fireplace in a family home in Auckland.

This installation was done on an interior wall, which is a charactaristic benefit of the DX1000. And being zero clearance rated means that you do not need to build an expensive fire rated wall construction. You can install this fireplace directly into a plasterboard wall with a timber framed cavity and place a TV above it, without issue.

This particular installation used a Bevelled Titanium Lite Frame facia and a wood fuel bed option. Installed at a low level, it leaves space above the fire to install a decoration such as a painting, or a TV on the wall.


The Escea DX1000 is an excellent choice of fire for a smaller sized fire with all the benefits and efficiency of the larger ones. Being the smallest of the range, the DX1000 allows you to install your fire in areas where you might not normally be able to fit one.

If you are interested in getting an Escea DX1000 for your home, see the Escea Dx1000 on our website or give us a call today.