Gazco Riva2 Fire Installation

Gazco Riva2 Fire Installation

The Gazco Riva2 is an excellent choice if you are looking for a gas fire which is efficient and gives you the effect of having a traditional fire in your home.And as you see here, it looks great!

This is a Riva2 fire installed in a modern home. The owner was looking for a gas fire which will be efficient but not sacrifice the look of a traditional gas fire and can be installed in wall. We think the Riva2 was an excellent choice!


So. what are the benefits of the Riva2?

Designed to fit into standard chimney openings, it is a high efficiency gas fire which also features a non-reflective glass front for an excellent open-fire look. This gives homeowners a crystal clear view of the rolling flames. No additional flue liner required when installed into an existing masonry chimney, which makes this gas fire a time and money saving option for many homeowners.

The Riva2 gas fire makes a wonderful addition to a wide range of contemporary and traditional homes with its wide selection of frame and liningĀ  options.