Rinnai Indoor Super Ray Radiant Heater 16MJ Manual


Rinnai Indoor Super Ray Radiant Heater 16MJ Manual


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The Rinnai Super Ray Indoor radiant heater provides effective heating over a wide area. Cleverly crafted so that the heat is directly channeled exactly where you want it.

A multiple burner generates infra-red rays which transmit the heat energy and dissipate the heat upon striking the target surface.

Models to choose from, manual (pull cord) or electronic ignition:
• Indoor Super Ray 16 MJ
• Indoor Super Ray 24 MJ
• Indoor Super Ray 40 MJ

WMA = manual igntion models
WEA = electric ignition models

Suitable for
The Rinnai Indoor Super Ray heaters are for indoor commercial and industrial use only. Ideal in semi-industrial spaces such as cafes, schools, churches, and factories.

This appliance must be used in a well ventilated area. The gasfitter installing the appliance is reponsible for this.
Approximate heating area
– 16 MJ = 19 m²
– 24 MJ = 28 m²
– 40 MJ = 47 m²

Heaters can be positioned side by side or facing each other, refer to the installation manual for further information.\

Gas type
Available for Natural Gas or LPG. Specify gas type at time of purchase.

It is critical to the safe operation of this appliance that the clearances are maintained so as the heater does not become a fire hazard.

* Super Ray heaters discharge products of combustion from the top of the unit which could cause damage or discolouration to the ceiling if the ceiling clearances are not maintained.
Data plate Right hand side by gas inlet
Gas connection A manual isolating valve must be fitted and the unit must be connected to a correctly sized gas supply.
– NG, 1/2 ” (12.7 mm) copper flare union
– LPG, 3/8 ” (9.52 mm) copper flare untion
Gas control: Manual model Piezo ignition with flame failure
Gas control: Electronic model Technical components model PFS 15R electronic ignition and white Rodgers model, 25M double solenoid regulator
Test point pressure On the regulator or manifold, see data plate for pressure
Compliance ES: Supplier Declaration of Compliance
• Declaration Number: 942320093



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