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Why you need a certified gas installer
Gas installations in New Zealand need to be certified by a certified gas fitter to ensure that they are safe and done to the correct standard. This includes all gas appliances from gas stoves to gas water heaters, and gas fires. Regular maintenance of all gas appliances is also required to be undertaken by a person authorised by the Board. This includes your gas fire. So whether you are installing your fire or need a service, you need a registered gas fitter.

We at Gas Fires NZ are registered and fully certified to do all gas installation, maintenance and servicing in New Zealand. So no matter what you need done, be it a general service or a full installation of your new gas fire, we can do it! We do not use contractors, all of our gas fitters are in-house employed. You won’t be dealing with other random companies or contractors who’s work can be questionable. When you hire us, you get us, with all of our knowledge, experience and qualifications. We will ensure that your gas installation meets and exceeds all standards.

Our gas fitters are all registered in New Zealand and have passed all New Zealand standards in gas fitting, meaning they are legally able to undertake all gas work needed to install your gas fire and have proven to do work up to standard.